Selasa, 20 Juni 2017

My Future Business

       To be enterprenure is my dream especially in pharmacy . I want to make drug that can  be consumption without side effect. I think this idea bussines when I didn't passed to doctor faculty.  My dream is help many people to heal them that sick.  This thing make me want to produce natural medicine from plant.  Example,  "tanaman kumis kucing" as "obat kencing batu", "tanaman keji beling" as kidney medicine, "tanaman jarak"  as allergic medicine, "tanaman samiloto" as fever medicine and other plant.

        Using the wild plant, we can earn much money same with people that having job in medic.  I think pharmacy bussines can be succes because in Indonesia people trust with herbal medicine  than operartion.  But to begin this bussines need more money to find out the plant that can be use for medicine.  Not just money,  we also need long time to survive it.  But if we can work together the chemistry expert,  pharmasist,  and medic.  The idea bussines can succes.

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