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Wednesday, May 9,2017
Today we suppose to be have the day off because the classroom will be sterilized, but we are still have a math class and second general chemistry lab work. Even so, we chemistry students are eager to come to campus even though our reports and journals are not finished yet. After the math class ended, we rushed to continue the reports and journals that were completed because it was a requirement to join the lab work. The lab work started at 1:00 pm and we started marching in front of the hall to enter the lab. During the lab, we followed what the assistant said. Our experiments are about rate reaction. When the lab work was ended, the rain came and we could not go home, and finally waited for the rain to stop in the hall. After the rain have stopped, we went home and i picked up by my friend to go home.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Today we have a HUT KOMIK games event, so I have to leave early at 05:00 am because the committee should come early. Our activities are held in mipa hall, under shade trees. Games that we held are the yel yel race, jumping sack race, pingpong race run, race tug of war, and marbles competition.
Before the race begins, we hold gymnastics first and upholstery uptake. All the contests we follow happily. But at the end of the race, that is when the race tug of war, our friend got an injury, his feet are wound by wooden, so we were a little panicked, and immediately taken to UNTAN hospital. Then we took care of everything we need to do and plan to visit our friend, but it turns out he was back before we went to UNTAN hospital. We began to calm down after hear that.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Today we are still in college for the religion class. We rushed to the campus because the lecture started at 7:30. We studied together with the biology department, statistics department, and information system department. After the completion of the congregation, we went home and in the afternoon, the training for the opening event of KOMIK. We practice modern dance, dayak dance, and batak dance in nineteen. We're really training because the show is coming soon. Our dancers minus one person, as he follows the closing of the cadre. Nevertheless, we are still excited. In modern dance, we have 8 members. In the dayak dance, we have 3 members. In Batak dance, we have 3 members. After the practice, we went home to each other.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Today we have a general organic chemistry lab starting at 13:00. However, I came early to consulate the graph and draw structures with chemskat application. When the time is right for the lab, we begin to march in the hall. The experiments we did today are alcohol and phenol compounds. We worked on this experiment with group 2A. In our experiments, we came to understand what the different between alcohol compounds and which are phenol compounds. After the lab finished we went home. I am ready for pangaratto worship. I and my friend went to ayani 2 together.
We also follow worship with wisdom, the word that I can quote during ibadah is, we must help each other, especially with fellow believers. I went home in peace because it has got a spiritual splash. I got home at 21.30.

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