Sabtu, 18 Maret 2017

My skill

We meet again???
 This time i want to talk abaut skills,
Yes it cooks
 I love cooking stems from the busyness of my parents,advised my parents rarely at home,so like it or not when i am hungry so had to cook their own.
 The first time i learned to cook,i cook fried rice,even if lnitially less than satisfactory,slightly salty, recetly,advised in learning to cook,i started trying to cook  the other,such as chicken curry and i also dare to cook fot my family of my great,i am glad that my family loved,to make me even mor passion to learn to cook.
 I also have started even attempting to learn to make cake,such as steamed cakes and sweet martabak,and now cook it as something that can not escape from me
I really love cooking world and hopefully i can develop my skills in cooking๐Ÿณ

Thank friends who already want to come to my blog,sorry still lack a lot in i'm still learning๐Ÿ™…

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